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Opeibea robbery: We thought it was a movie – Eye Witnesses.



Opeibea robbery: We thought it was a movie – Eye Witnesses. 46



Two eye witnesses of Monday’s robbery incident that occurred at Opeibea, near the Kotoka International Airport have revealed that the gun battle between the police and armed robbers looked like a movie.

Police on Monday shot and killed three armed robbers and arrested two other accomplices after the gang planned to attack and rob a businessman who went to a bank around Airport to withdraw money.

Eye witnesses who were going about their daily business activities in the area stated that they had no clue what was going on until three of the robbers dropped dead.

According to Afriyie, an eye witness who stood around while others run for their lives, the whole incident looked like a movie.

In an interview monitored by GhanaWeb, Afriyie said “I thought they were shooting a movie, I have never seen such a thing before. The [Police] who was shooting said I should ran and hide.”

She continued that after the shooting, “we were here when we realized later that a police car has also come, so they gathered all of them – the three they shot dead – and put them in the police vehicle.”

Another eye witness, Seth Oppong, said he was traumatized at the whole turn of events. According to him, he has never seen anything as horrific as that incident.

Seth narrated, “We were two (persons) sitting on the pavement. So by the time we realized what was happening, we wanted to run but we were also afraid to run for cover, for fear we would be hit by stray bullets.”

He added, “So we stayed and watched everything. As I’m standing here now, I don’t think I would be able to eat.

“I’m shocked, I have never witnessed anything as horrific as this. I have witnessed gory car accidents but to see a person get shot, it only happens in movies. Today I have witnessed it live and coloured without running,” Seth told Citi TV.

An August 9 statement from the Police said they are determined to deal with street, residential and highway robberies throughout the country and that anyone who stood in the way of the Police would not be spared.