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Two armed robbers attack journalist Nana Yaa Brefo.



Nana Yaa Brefo



Talking on her Anopa Bofo show, Yaa Brefo unfortunately Explained how two Stout outfitted looters assaulted her in rush hour gridlock With a firearm highlighted her head. As per her, she was en route to work when it occurred. 

Yaa Brefo added that, the outfitted looters removed her resources and took steps to shoot her on the off chance that she endeavors to drive away. The saddest part was that, outfitted cops looked on with no one attempting to help her.

After they had removed what they needed, the Police man coordinating the traffic went to her vehicle and inquired as to whether they took anything. Irately, she would not converse with him as she headed to the Tesano Police station to stop a grumbling.

Unfortunately, up till now, she haven’t heard a single thing from the Police. Yaa Brefo made this disclosure in connection to how a trotro driver strikingly thumped two furnished burglars into a drain yesterday.

Yaa Brefo asked the IGP to rapidly retain this man into the Police because he is far superior than some Police officials particularly the person who looked as she was burglarized.