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Why #FreeAkuapemPoloo campaigners abandoned her.



akuapem poloo

Everybody looks on unconcern since news of Akuapem Poloo‘s second incarceration broke.

It’s almost a weak since her 90-day sentence and FreeAkuapemPoloo campaigners no where to be found. The internet is dead silent on the matter, why?

Many feel that video vixen and socialite did not learn lessons from her first arrest.

Blogger Kobby Kyei is of the view that many high-profile personalities and even celebrities who threw their weight behind Akuapem Poloo when she was arrested and jailed the first have regretted.

According to him, she hasn’t learnt from her lessons per her actions and latest videos on social media.

Speaking on Adom TV‘s Ahosepe Xtra last weekend, he asked the video vixen to be extra careful with how she conducts herself on social media after her jail sentence.

“She should be guided. She is not active on her page so I don’t know how she posts those videos…She can go on with her business but she should be careful with how she talks”.

“With young girls in the industry, how you introduce yourself will carve your brand. It will be difficult to move away from how you introduce yourself in the entertainment sphere.”

“Our culture setting is different from those abroad. I am sure she wants to hear good stuff about her. Even in the video that she addressed DKB she was twerking at the end.”

So I will plead with her to be careful. Some people have regretted supporting the free Akuapem Poloo campaign, he claimed.

Meanwhile, the blogger said he is poised to lead a campaign soon to help the youth sanitise their minds about nudity.