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“I am sorry to say this but he is the cause of the failure of local businesses” – Kennedy Agyapong.



“I am sorry to say this but he is the cause of the failure of local businesses” – Kennedy Agyapong. 46



Many have showered praises at Ibrahim Mahama for his Dzata cement. Many say this will encourage local industries and solve unemployment. It was also interesting to see government giving their support to Dzata cement especially since it belonged to the brother of the president’s biggest political rival.

Today, Wednesday, May 12, 2021 Kennedy Agyapong, MP for Assin Central joined Osei Bonsu on Asempa FM’s ‘Ekosii Sen’. One of the key questions posed to the vocal MP was why local industries were not thriving. Kennedy Agyapong went point blank and said the main reason should be attributed to the late Jerry Rawlings. Kennedy Agyapong even brought documents from his car to show of a family who brought documents of seized properties during Rawlings’ time.

“Today I will tell you the truth. You are young OB. I will tell you some history. It was because of Jerry Rawlings. He made people to stop patronizing local products. He caused local manufacturers to lose the vigor to start factories. He made Ghana insecure for businesses to operate because some feared another coup. He took people’s companies and gave it out to others. It is because of antagonism.

Rawlings could take a local company and give it to Lebanese people. I am sorry but I have to say this. Those saying Fix it are the descendants of Jerry Rawlings. Rawlings destroyed local entrepreneurs and this discouraged the younger generation to invest in Ghana” Kennedy Agyapong said.

Kennedy Agyapong added that the second problem was the attitude of Ghanaians. He noted Ghanaians are corrupt at birth because the family and culture they are born with will not permit them to do what is right. He called for Ghanaians to work hard and not allow religion to impede their progress.