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‘Shocking’ – Champions League final organisation branded a ‘shambles’ as Liverpool stars’ friends & family are teargassed.



'Shocking' - Champions League final organisation branded a 'shambles' as Liverpool stars' friends & family are teargassed. 49



Andrew Robertson has branded the organisation for the Champions League final a “shambles” after friends and family of the Liverpool squad were among those subjected to tear gas outside Stade de France.

The Premier League side missed out on a seventh Champions League success after losing 1-0 to Real Madrid in the 2021-22 showpiece.

A miserable night for Jurgen Klopp’s team on the pitch was compounded by ugly scenes off it, with a large number of Reds supporters unable to gain entry to the match despite having tickets.

What has been said about the Champions League final organisation in Paris?

UEFA delayed the kick-off by more than 30 minutes as thousands of fans attempted to enter the stadium without match passes.

This meant that a large number of paying supporters missed out on the final, and they were also subjected to rough treatment from police, who used tear gas to try and prevent people from climbing over the barriers.

Robertson told BBC Sport of the chaos in Paris: “One of my mates got told it was a fake which I assure you it wasn’t.

“It was a shambles really. To be honest, people were just making it up at times and panicking. Tear gas getting thrown at people was unacceptable.

“It was horrendous for our fans and all families that have been through it as well. It wasn’t a nice experience, not a nice final to come to. The Champions League should be a celebration but it wasn’t that.

“Obviously the final wasn’t meant to be here and whether the preparations were not as good as maybe they should have been but I am sure in the coming days an inquest will go into that.”

Liverpool legends blast ‘shocking’ scenes

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher took to Twitter to express his disappointment over the way fans were treated on the night, while also congratulating Madrid on their victory.

“Tough one to take last night but credit to Real Madrid, their name was on the cup after the CL run they’ve been on,” said Carragher.

“LFC have lost 4/63 this season so you can’t really ask for much more than that. Friends & family tear gassed on the way out, shocking set up UEFA.”

Robbie Fowler was another Liverpool legend who reacted to the “terrifying” incident on the popular social media platform as his family were directly affected.

“Absolute shambolic organisation last night,” he wrote. “And no doubt the point scoring on here will carry on, fans tear-gassed, young and old sobbing, fans there in plenty of time .. my son/family caught in middle, witnessed it all .. genuinely terrified seeing it unfold.”

How has UEFA responded to the incidents?

UEFA has issued a statement promising to review the organisation of the final alongside the French police.

“In the lead-up to the game, the turnstiles at the Liverpool end became blocked by thousands of fans who had purchased fake tickets which did not work in the turnstiles,” the official statement from European football’s main governing body reads.

“This created a build-up of fans trying to get in. As a result, the kick off was delayed by 35 minutes to allow as many fans as possible with genuine tickets to gain access.

“As numbers outside the stadium continued to build up after kick off, the police dispersed them with tear gas and forced them away from the stadium.

“UEFA is sympathetic to those affected by these events and will further review these matters urgently together with the French police and authorities, and with the French Football Federation.”