Signs Your Relationship Won’t Last Forever, No Matter How Hard You Try


One can be in a relationship but won’t be quite certain about its longevity or sustenance even though an individual can’t pinpoint what exactly is the issue, fortunately or unfortunately you are not the only encountering this problem or difficulty.

While it’s true many of us eventually find our perfect relationship fit for life, we all inevitably go through several fiascos before we get there.

Unfortunately, sometimes, we misread the signs and think one of those duds is actually “the one.” And then, we later find that they were just “the one for now.”

The thing is, in a healthy, loving relationship that is meant to last forever, there are some pretty important ingredients that contribute to making the relationship last.  If your relationship is missing any of these important ingredients discussed below, there’s a good chance the person you’re with isn’t your forever person.

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